Travelling Expenses Claim Bill H.P.T.R.-7 Dynamic Form
*Establishment *Month *Name & Designation *Basic *HQ
* Departure Station * Departure Date & Hour * Arrival Station * Arrival Date & Hour Mode of Conve- yance Rate/ Class of Travel * Actual Fare Paid Hotel Charges(If Any) No of Days Rate Admis- sible Amount Total * Purpose Of Journey (For Tour Diary) Action
  Halt at w.e.f
Example- .75=75% 75%
Grand Total    
Terminal Transportation Charges Local Transportation Allowance Transfer Grant Allowance Personal Effects Personal Effects Wt Personal Effects Rate Personal Effects Amount Conveyance Charges Miscellaneous (Specify) Gross Amount Less Advance T.A/T.T.A. drawn vide Net Amount Payable

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* Number of days textbox need decimal value if your days are not full days. eg - FOR 70% use 0.7 or .7 , and same as follows for others.
* For Date Column use date format as -> DD-MM-YYYY (ie Day Month Year) and for Time Field use time format as -> HH:MM AM/PM(ie hours minutes AM/PM)for best view in PDF.
* For Date just double click CALENDER icon while creating New Bill .
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